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Cannademix hosts free community education events on Cannabis and how individuals can enter the industry. Cannademix provides top industry leaders from all sectors of the space to educate those on how they may get involved in realistic and achievable ways.

Our Mission
From students to faculty, and legacy to legal, Cannademix works with local governments and colleges to tailor Cannabis education events and programs to the community and their needs. 
Part of the Cannademix model is our philanthropy aspect. We believe the Cannabis community doesn’t do enough to put it’s money where it’s mouth is, and that’s where we step in.

Where Cannabis Meets The Community

Our Mission
We believe in true social equity, and that means creating a financial pillar that the black and brown community can rely on for success. With our educational events we have, we will have a donation go either towards the college for starting Cannabis curriculums or research programs or to local community organizations who provide resources for the citizens of that community.

Want your business to be a part of our next event?

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